Coffee & Tea Club

Only $19/month gets you all our Coffee & Tea Club perks. Savings and smiles start now.

A pair of Brightline Coffee & Tea Club tumblers

Enjoy complimentary daily refills in our stations at Mary Mary Bar and on board with your membership. The perks include:

  • Complimentary daily refills on gourmet coffee and tea
  • Complimentary flavor shots to customize your brew
  • A collectible, reusable welcome tumbler with a custom design by artist Angelica Hoyos
  • Up to 30% off future collectible, seasonal tumblers designed by local artists
  • That priceless feeling of realizing your coffee’s already ready when you wake up

Join the club on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Memberships are designed to help you waste less, save more, and start every day with a smile.

  • Monthly: $19
  • Quarterly: $49
  • Annually: $99

Getting started is simple. Stop by Mary Mary Bar in our Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach stations to sign up, get your tumbler, and perk up.

Love our tumbler designs? Each year, we work with a local artist to commission seasonal, limited-edition tumblers whose artwork aligns with our goal of building local communities every day. Meet the artist behind the latest season design.

Meet The Artist

Angelica Hoyos is a Fort Lauderdale-based artist whose hand-drawn illustrations are mindfully inspired by nature and the beauty we can all find within.

The hand drawings on these cups are a bit unrefined with the intention of allowing the viewer to feel connected with a sense of authenticity. At times we drive ourselves on an elusive-unhealthy quest to reach perfection, when in reality we are all a little unrefined at heart, which is exactly what makes us and nature perfect. The intention of the artwork is a silent permission to rest easy for a few minutes in that human imperfection as you sip your tea or coffee. As paradoxical as it sounds, resting easy in imperfection and forgiving yourself for anything you’re beating yourself up over is freeing. Whether you are in transit to work or to visit friends or family we want to send you off with a physical reminder to relax and know that everything will be ok.

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