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Passengers boarding train.

Why Train Travel?

Passengers boarding train.

Why Train Travel?

Current trends have made rail even more attractive. There’s an increased demand for a touchless travel experience, working on-the-go, and a more eco-friendly way to travel.

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  • 95% Safer: Travel by rail is 95% safer* than traveling by car. Car travel is responsible for 6 million accidents annually in the US

  • Enjoy Touchless Travel: touchless check-in, bathrooms by Dyson, contactless payment & ticketing.

  • Open & Flexible Seating: Select and reserve seats offering ample leg room, table space and reclining leather seats to allow for personal preference and social distancing best practices.

  • Sanitization Stations: Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout our stations in convenient locations.

  • Temperature Checks: Temperature checks are performed by trained personnel on all passengers at all station check-in areas.

  • Travel with Ease: We are fully ADA accessible level boarding to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, bikes and luggage.

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  • Higher Speed: Average highway speed on I95 is 34 MPH vs. 79-125 mph on Brightline.

  • Beat Traffic: 54 hours a year are estimated to be wasted while sitting in traffic.

  • Time won. Not wasted: 85% of your entire trip time will be onboard, where you can relax or work in comfort and style.

  • No long lines: Leave the lines behind. Book ahead or on the go with our app and find today’s ticket right on your home screen.

  • No lengthy transfers: Rather than dropping you miles from the action, we take you to downtown in each of our cities.

  • On the Rise: Intercity passenger rail travel is gaining popularity and growing at 3x the rate of air and car travel nationally.

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  • We are 100% Carbon Neutral: Brightline is aiming to remove 3 million vehicles from roads each year.

  • We use Clean Biodiesel: Our trains are equipped with state-of-the art EPA Tier IV-compliant diesel-electric engines that only use FPL EarthEra™clean biodiesel for lower emission.

  • We believe in Solar: Our stations use FPL SolarNow Solar Trees that provide power and shade to our facilities while generating emission-free energy.

  • EV Friendly: Our parking lots have FPL EV plug-in charging spots for electric vehicles. EV’s are 70% cleaner than cars powered by gas.

  • Efficient Hand Dryers: Our stations have Dyson Airblade Tap hand dryers in our restrooms that save 73,000 paper towels per year.

Our Sustainability Story

*Transportation safety over time: Cars, planes, trains, walking, cycling.” Journalist’s Resource, October 5, 2014.

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