Get to your cruise for
as low as $25pp*

Ride and relax with an effortless package to the port of Palm Beach for your Bahamas Paradise cruise.

Package includes:

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1 checked bag


train icon

Round-trip train rides in our SMART business class or upgrade to SELECT first-class


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Lyft rides* to the port and back

You can even add Brightline garage parking for only $12 a day.

See How it Works and Q&A for details.

How it Works

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Park, check your bags and 
take the train. Cocktail anyone?!

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Pull into the WPB station and
order a Lyft ride to the port.

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Then bon voyage!

Questions & Answers

Packages for Bahamas Paradise cruisers are available for a party size no greater than eight (8) seated passengers for up to 15 days of travel, with the option of parking up to two (2) vehicles with us.

The quantity of Lyft rides included in your package price is based on the number of passengers. If 1-3 passengers, you’ll receive 1 round-trip Lyft promo code. If 4-6 passengers, you’ll receive 2 round-trip Lyft promo codes. If 7-8 passengers, you’ll receive 3 round-trip Lyft promo codes. 

Need more passengers or parking? Just book another package.

Edit capability is currently limited to changing your train seats. We’re working on additional edit functionality. If you need a change, best to cancel and rebook what you need for your Bahamas Paradise cruise. View our Terms of Service for details.

You’ll receive an email 3 days before your trip that includes access to your Brightline round-trip train tickets, Lyft round-trip promo code(s)* and PayByPhone validation code(s) if applicable.

First download and setup the Lyft app and PayByPhone app.

To validate your parking, just enter your unique location code provided in the field that says ‘Enter Location Code’ and complete the prompts. Parking must be validated upon parking/arrival—not exiting the garage. Failure to properly validate may result in a ticket, boot and/or vehicle being towed. Nobody wants that! Be sure to validate with your provided location code. 

On your return date of travel, your parking validation expires at 1:00am the following morning.

Pre-paid Lyft rides are only eligible between a Brightline station and the nearest port. To redeem your pre-paid, round-trip Lyft promo code(s), open the app, click the navigation menu in the upper left, click promos and enter your promo code(s). The promo code will automatically activate if you are going from the Brightline WPB station to the Port of Palm Beach, or vice versa.

When you've arrived at the station or the port and are ready to request your Lyft, open the Lyft app and enter your destination in the navigation bar in the middle of the screen. _The app will prompt you to choose "Lyft". Once you have selected your destination, the app will update and show a light green banner that reads "Promo Applied: $15 off." You will also see the word FREE within the purple box at the bottom of your screen. To complete your request, select "Request Lyft".

Sorry, not at this time. Package pricing only includes Lyft economy cars.

We’re located at:

Station: 600 NW 1st Ave., Miami, FL 33136
Parking Garage: 161 NW 6th Street, Miami, FL 33136 (entrance is on NW 1st Ct.)

Fort Lauderdale
Station: 101 NW 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Parking Garage: 300 NW 2nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

West Palm Beach
Station: 501 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
A Lyft ride to the Port of Palm Beach is approx. 11 minutes.

Please choose a train that gives you ample time to get you to the port for your cruise. Please refer to your Bahamas Paradise cruise itinerary for their arrival requirements.

1 checked bag is included per seated passenger. Additional checked baggage can be added for calculation into your package price for only $5.

Baggage is subject to our Terms of Service. View Brightline’s carry-on and checked baggage policies. For additional allowances onboard Brightline, view our Terms of Service. Brightline reserves the right to charge a fee in-station for overweight baggage in accordance with our Terms of Service. Please know cash is not accepted. 

Baggage and other allowances may differ from Brightline's carry-on and checked baggage policies, so we recommend you check the Bahamas Paradise Cruise website for their most up-to-date information. Brightline accepts no responsibility for baggage and other allowance issues arising at in-station check-in or during cruise check-in or departure. 

Please check-in your bags in our downstairs station lobby at the Guest Services counter. Boarding closes at our turnstiles 4 minutes prior to departure. 

Baggage must be checked at the in-station Guest Services counter at least 30 minutes prior to your train’s scheduled departure time. View our checked baggage policy for details.