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Never pay rush hour prices again with a pre-paid pack of 10 one-way rides. Read more

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Buy a travel pack of one-way rides at a fixed price and go anytime. Perfect for regular travel for work or play across South Florida. Plus, you can send rides to all of your friends.

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Qty of 10 one-way rides
automatically loaded
to your account.

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One-way rides expire 90
days from purchase. Just
apply at checkout to pay
for tickets.

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100% transferable

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Q & A

Refunds are issued back to the original form(s) of payment. If you’re eligible for a refund and paid with one-way rides, one-way rides will be reloaded to your account.

Yes. Pay with one-way rides at checkout any time for valid reservations.

Yes, Travel Packs expire 90 days from date of purchase.

to your account and locate your one-way rides. You’ll find a list.

to your account and locate one-way rides. Choose the rides you want to transfer to a Saved Guest and click or tap transfer. The Saved Guest you chose will receive an email. They’ll need to sign in to their account to accept the rides in order for them to move from your account to theirs. If they don’t accept, rides will remain in your account.

The Travel Pack is refundable within 48 hours of purchase so long as a train reservation has not been made using one-way rides as a form of payment. Thereafter, Travel Packs are nonrefundable. To request a refund, contact us at [email protected].

Use of one-way rides are subject to our Terms of Service and cancellation policies.

Be sure you’re signed in when making reservations to have access to one-way rides. If you have applicable one-ways available, enter how many you’d like to pay with at checkout. And we’ll apply the rides closest to expiry for you.

Learn more about our corporate solutions and special discounts on Travel Packs.