Commuter Monthly Pass

Commuter Monthly Pass

Newbie special!

Come and go for the best price with our Commuter Pass. And enjoy the convenience and comfort of Brightline on the regular for even less. Perfect for weekday commuting to the office, school or SoFlo fun.

  • Save on train fare compared to the purchase of individual reservations
  • Ride in our SMART business class
  • Enable auto-renewal for zero travel disruption
  • Immediately available for use
  • Pass discount automatically applied during the booking process

Ready to change the way you commute?

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To buy a different route for next month, please come back on the 1st to complete your purchase.

How it Works

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Sign in and make
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Set it and forget it. Enable
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Questions & Answers

No need to! We’ll automatically apply it for you. Just sign in and make a reservation. We’ll recognize you have a pass and apply it, zeroing the cost of your travel at checkout.

Of course, you’ll need to book same-day travel in SMART on a valid pass for it to be applied. 

Yes. Every time you sign in and make a reservation (and you’re on it), we’ll apply your pass for your travel. You’ll just pay for your pals.

Simple. Just sign in and make a reservation. If your pass is valid, we’ll apply it. If it’s not, we won’t, and you’ll pay at checkout like normal.

Passes are only available for purchase by the account holder for account holder travel.

If you’re a business and register for our Corporate Travel Program, passes can be purchased by the company and transferred to employees for use.

Sign in to your account and you’ll find it within your Account Dashboard.

It's easy. Just choose auto-renewal at checkout or after purchase in your Account while your pass is still active. Once enrolled, your default saved credit/debit card will be charged seven (7) days prior to expiration in the amount of the current purchase price for the type of pass that was originally purchased. View Terms of Service for auto-renewal details.

Learn more about our Corporate Commuter Passes and bulk discounts.