Buzzer Beater

Stay till the last shot! Buzzer Beater trains get you to and from Miami HEAT games with plenty of pregame fun.

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The HEAT is on! And our Buzzer Beater trains offer the best ride to get you to and from HEAT games, car free and carefree. Skip the traffic, get to FTX Arena in time for tipoff, and stay till the last shot.

MiamiCentral Station is just blocks away from the arena, and we’re also making sure you win the pregame: get $6 cocktails, 3 tequeños for $2 at Mary Mary, our in-station bar, or beer buckets for $20 on your way. 

You can also trade tailgating for traingating when you upgrade to PREMIUM to get access to our PREMIUM Lounge, complimentary food + drink in-station and onboard, priority boarding, and extra-roomy seats.

Buzzer Beater trains are running for every HEAT game — just look for the Buzzer Beater icon when booking to save your seat. 

🔥 May 17 | Miami HEAT vs. Boston Celtics 1

🔥 May 19 | Miami HEAT vs. Boston Celtics 2

🔥 May 25 | Miami HEAT vs. Boston Celtics 3

🔥 May 29 | Miami HEAT vs. Boston Celtics 4




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Buzzer Beater